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Made To Soar

Made To Soar

When I visit the zoo, I skip the eagles’ cage. I can’t stand the pain of seeing those majestic birds sit there on their perches day after day, their burnished brown wings draped over them like an ill-fitting old coat. They were created for the heights, to dance among the clouds, not to be prisoners in a cage. Those birds were made to fly.
Many people who profess that they are Christ’s men and women are like those caged eagles. They are made to live as free citizens of heaven, but they are imprisoned by their own sin. Their condition must break God’s heart. He knows what they could become, but they have put themselves in a cage. And the irony is that it is a cage with open doors.
The apostle Paul said that we who have put our trust in Christ have died with Him to the sin that confined us in our old life. And we are now alive in Him. We are not the person we used to be. Therefore, we must stop facing life as we used to face it.
Think long about those truths. Remind yourself of them often. Through Christ, you have been set free! You were never meant to be imprisoned in a cage. Confess your sin and trust God anew. You were made to soar.
Lord, I thank You for salvation,
For Your mercy, full and free;
Take my all in consecration,
Glorify Yourself in me. —Codner, Elizabeth
Christ is the open door out of the cage of sin.

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Never Too Old

Never Too Old

Look at what some people have accomplished despite advancing age. When Grandma Moses was 100, she was still painting. George Bernard Shaw wrote a play at 94. Arthur Rubinstein gave a great recital at Carnegie Hall when he was 89. And at 82, Winston Churchill wrote A History of the English-Speaking Peoples.
The Bible tells of many godly people who didn’t let the advancing years stop them—Caleb and Moses, for instance. At 85, Caleb (one of the men who had spied out the land of Canaan) entered the Promised Land and drove out the Anakites (Josh. 14:6-15). And Moses continued to lead the people of Israel faithfully until he was 120 (Deut. 34:5-7). The secret of their success was faith in God and an attitude of steadfastness until God called them home.
There are many people who have lived far beyond the 70 years mentioned in Psalm 90:10. They are still bearing “fruit in old age” (Ps. 92:14) by encouraging others and using their energy in God’s service. Others, however, far younger, have decided to coast home.
As long as we have strength, we need to dedicate ourselves to the Lord’s service. Then, no matter what our age, we can “rejoice and be glad.”
Growing old but not retiring,
Lord, the battle still is on;
I’ll go on without relenting
Till the final victory’s won. —Anon.
To stay youthful, stay useful.

Rejoice In The Lord


“You will rejoice in the Lord and glory in the Holy One of Israel”. 
Isa 41:16 NIV 

Human beings love to celebrate. We celebrate the special moments of life – birth, birthdays, achieving adulthood and marriage. But we rejoice too, when someone passes an exam, gets chosen to play in the school team, or does well in some artistic field. And we celebrate national occasions, Christmas, Easter and the New Year. Celebrating makes us happy together. And it enables us to forget the long dreary empty days when it’s just work, work, and more work. 

There wasn’t much for the Israelite exiles to celebrate in Babylon. Even normal family celebrations would be somewhat subdued. All the more reason then, for the prophet Isaiah to point them forward to a time when they would glorify God and rejoice in him. That was something to look forward to. Then they would be glad again that their Jehovah-God was their God and that they hadn’t fallen into the trap of following the faith of the Babylonians. 

Make sure that the corporate worship you engage in is a true celebration of God and of all that he has done for everybody in Jesus Christ. Some Christian worship is awfully sombre, dull and boring. The language is archaic and the messages irrelevant. Make sure that you concentrate on the big things, the positive things, the mighty events and the acts of God recorded in the Bible. Encourage everyone to have “a good sing”. It fosters joy and happiness when big groups of people “make a joyful noise to the Lord”. Celebrate salvation. Rejoice in the Lord. But make sure you always focus on God and Christ. Don’t be afraid of “getting carried away”. It’s a good idea sometimes! 

Why Go To Church?

Why Go to Church?

William Willimon, chaplain at Duke University, was invited to preach in an inner-city church. The service, with its long preliminaries, lasted 2 1/2 hours. When it was finally over, Willimon was exhausted and asked the pastor, “Why do these people stay in church so long?”
His friend replied, “Unemployment runs nearly 50 percent here. This means that when our people go about during the week, everything they see, everything they hear tells them: ‘You are a failure. You are nothing because you do not have a good job, you do not have a nice car, you have no money.’ So I must get their eyes focused on Christ. Through the hymns, the prayers, the preaching I say to them, ‘That is a lie! You are royalty! You are citizens of the kingdom of God!’ It takes me a long time to get them straight because the world perverts them so terribly.”
The world is constantly pressuring Christians to conform to its values. We need to read God’s Word and encourage one another so that we will be able to keep alive a strong sense of who we are in Christ.
Why go to church? Because God uses the exhortation and love of fellow believers to reassure us that the world’s message is a lie and that God’s good news is true.
The world will try to pressure us To fit into its godless mold; That’s why we need encouragement To keep our hearts from growing cold. —Sper
Seven days without church makes one weak.

Apply His words to your whole life

Apply His words to your whole life
Stand firm in the things that Jesus Christ has taught you and never stray.
Walk through life with the Master’s words brought to your remembrance every day.
Come, let us follow Jesus and the words He had to say.
Apply His words to your whole life and every word obey.
You shall become like a house that is built on a rock that will never fall.
This great certainty and security is granted to everyone who gives Jesus Christ his all and all.
Every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God set your heart to do.
Reaffirm your life to God everyday and to Jesus Christ our Lord to be forever true.
Brethren if you do this our God will pour out His Blessings on you.

The Threshing-Board


“I will make you like a threshing-board, with spikes that are new and sharp. You will thresh mountains and destroy them; hills will crumble into dust”. 
Isa 41:15 GNB 

There is a saying, “Give a dog a bad name”. It means the worse you describe someone, or run them down, the worse they are likely to become. In his book, “How to win Friends and Influence People”, Dale Carnegie said, “Give a Dog a GOOD name”. It was a clever strategy. If you give someone a positive image of them- selves, they will try hard to live up to it. 

Isaiah’s message from God was that God would make of them a threshing-board. It was used in farming to separate the corn from the husk or chaff. It was a very strong picture – the threshing board was a powerful instrument. The contrast between the weak people they had become and the strong threshing-board could not have been sharper. But the threshing-board had to be wielded with skill and strength by the farmer. They were not yet a threshing-board, but the powerful God would make them strong and effective. Threshing was a picture used for judgment. It meant that God would bring their enemies to judgment and would destroy or neutralize them. An image like this would tell them that though they were weak, he was powerful and intended to use them mightily. 

There is no telling what you can become in God’s hands. For centuries the Christian church restricted its ministry to the male gender. Then William Booth, with a vision of what God could do in what he called “Darkest England”, founded the Salvation Army using mainly women officers. He said, “My best men are all women”. And they were very effective! 

The Antidote for Anxiety

The Antidote for Anxiety

Our world is filled with fear. Even in fairly stable and secure countries, people are afraid. According to a USA Today article, “We panic over pesticides and cellular phones, ozone holes and mercury fillings.”
Science, government, and psychiatry can deal with some of these fears, but there are other fear-producing circumstances that even the world’s most powerful military force can’t prevent—an earthquake, a tornado, a flood, a fatal disease.
One fear, however, overshadows all others—the fear of our inescapable appointment with death and God’s judgment (Heb. 2:14-15; 9:27). The only antidote for this anxiety, and ultimately all others, is found in gaining confidence that we are in God’s protective care.
That assurance begins to grow when we put our trust in Jesus as our Savior. He is the One who took the sting out of death (1 Cor. 15:55-57). Once we receive Him as our Savior, our faith grows as we learn more about the wisdom, love, and power of God, and our fears diminish as we choose to focus on Christ instead.
Today, declare with the psalmist: “I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in Him I will trust’” (Ps. 91:2).
There’s so much now I cannot see,My eyesight’s far too dim;But come what may, I’ll simply trustAnd leave it all to Him. —Overton
The perfect cure for worry is trust in God.

A Place Of Solace

A Place of solace
Come unto Me all that labor and are heavy burdened and find rest for your souls sayeth The Lord.

In Me you will find rest, a comfort in the time of storm, an oasis in the midst of a hot and dusty desert.
A place of solace, a friend in the time of need.
A refuge from the ravaging storms of life, a place of continuous peace when peace nowhere else can be found.
A mother’s comforting arms to a frightened child.
A Shepherd to sheep pursued and threatened by wolves.

Come, I am with you always, your constant companion.
I will help you and lift you up in the time of need.

Small And Week


“The Lord says, ‘Small and weak as you are, Israel, don’t be afraid; I will help you’”. 
Isa 41:14 GNB 

There are huge disparities between different countries. India and China both have populations of over a million. Canada is the second largest country in terms of land mass, but only has a population of thirty three million. Singapore has only seven hundred square kilometers but a population of five million. Then some are rich, others poor. 

Even when the ten tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel were part of the group, they were still small and weak. When they had been conquered and carried off by the Assyrians in 722 B.C. it left two tiny tribes clustered around Jerusalem. They were at the mercy of any invading army of any size. By 586 B.C. the Babylonians had come and carried them off as well. In human terms it didn’t bode well for the future of the people God had chosen to be his servants. But human terms were not the sum total of what it was all about. God had chosen them, and he had a purpose for them. He was not going to sit by and watch them wiped off the face of the earth. He was the Lord God Almighty who held the destiny of nations in his hands. He could help them and he would. 

God often chooses the weak things of the world to confound the strong. Don’t think because you are only one person that you don’t count with God. Don’t think because you are weak or uneducated that God can’t use you. Christ has many services to be fulfilled and he needs you as well as the strong people to fulfil them. Go to it!